An Influencer’s Guide To Building Your Authority on LinkedIn

What do Richard Branson, Steve Anderson, and Deepak Chopra have in common? They’re Influencers on LinkedIn.One of them is here today to teach you the most important tips and tools for building your authority on LinkedIn.

We’re super lucky to welcome Steve Anderson to the Missing Link as he shares his journey to becoming a LinkedIn Influencer with over 200,000 followers.

He’s the real-deal and you’ll learn the truth about becoming an authority in your industry, not just an expert.

In this authoritative episode, you’ll find out exactly what Steve did within a specific industry to become an influencer, and how he continues to engage with his audience to create the success that keeps him going.

Steve Anderson teaches you …

  • The “Non-Accidental” Way He Became an Influencer
  • How showing up consistently leads to influencing
  • To go through open doors in your industry
  • To write thoughtful, high quality articles
  • That looking toward the future in your industry helps build your authority
  • Why you need to continually refresh your summary
  • That you need to utilize all of the tools on LinkedIn

The Show Notes