The Importance of Creating a Life Plan, with Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt returns to the show for a candid discussion on what his latest book “Living Forward” is all about, how to stop drifting through life and instead create, design and fulfill a plan for your life.

Have you given any thought to your legacy and how to create a life plan to fulfill it? If you’re like most people, you have not. To help you do so I brought back my good friend Michael Hyatt. Michael is an extraordinarily successful serial entrepreneur as well as the best-selling author of several books, including his latest Living Forward.

Living Forward was co-authored with his friend Daniel Harkavy, and they penned a fantastic book together! I wasn’t convinced the world needed another life planning book until I read this one. This is the only book you’ll need to stop drifting through life and instead treat every day as though it were part of a much bigger picture. It takes you step by step through the process of that creation and fulfillment so you can design a life plan of your own.

On episode 163 of Youpreneur FM Michael and I walk you through the chapters of this book, how he has applied the last 15 years of his own personal experience to the content in the book and why legacies can be crafted by all of us no matter our level of wealth, our influence or our life experiences.

Living Forward got me to think long and hard about my own legacy and what I want to leave behind, I know today’s episode will do the same for you! So listen in, take some notes and start creating your legacy.

In this 47 minute episode Michael Hyatt and I discuss:

  • The three powerful questions to help you fulfill on your life plan.
  • What was Steve Jobs’ single best tool that gave him clarity?
  • What are the three parts of an action plan? Michael gives a real-life example.
  • Progress occurs with incremental change: true or false?
  • How and why to develop the ability to say no to the non-essentials.

The Show Notes