Artisanal Publishing and the Hidden Power of the Beginner’s Mind

Publishing a book is like anything else you do for the first time — tough at the beginning, easier as you gain mastery. Jeff sums it up as, “The sort of difficulty which brings freedom with it.”

This week Pamela hits a major milestone in the book publishing process — she’s wrapping up her first draft.

And because it’s a major stopping point on the publishing journey, this episode’s discussion reviews the various means of publishing and which route is ideal for authors — especially first-timers like Pamela.

They revisit the eternal book-publishing question — should you self publish or seek out a deal with a traditional publisher?

In this episode Jeff Goins and Pamela Wilson discuss:

  • What ‘hybrid publishing’ is and who it benefits
  • Which gifts have emerged as side effects of Pamela’s writing process
  • The benefit of being willing to be a complete beginner (with all its discomforts)
  • Why you should think of self-publishing as an art and not a science

The Show Notes