The Big Idea, The Panic, The Resolution

Coming up with the Big Idea that will drive the approach to writing your book might make you break out in a cold sweat …

A new Big Idea may mean giving up some of your old ideas.

But it’s part of the process that will give your book an identity and a ‘hook’ that will draw the right reader to your words.

You’ve got to trust the process … and yourself. And this week on Zero to Book, we sort through what you need to consider as you begin the process of writing the book you’re passionate about — and creating a book that sells.

And Jeff asks Pamela the million dollar question, “How does your theory deny certain assumptions of your audience?”

Good question! That one made her squirm a little. Tune in to hear what that sounds like.

In this episode Jeff Goins and Pamela Wilson discuss:

  • How keeping your target audience in mind will help you decide which ideas have value (and which you should discard)
  • Why — in the end — you’ve got to trust yourself, and how doing so will maintain your enthusiasm for your book project
  • Why writing a book that is not going to appeal to the masses might be the best approach
  • A few thoughts about testing your ideas (more on this in the next episode)

The Show Notes