How to Structure Your Writing Time (and Stay Sane While You Work on Your Book)

When it’s time to actually write your book, what processes will you put in place so you get all the way to your final sentence in good shape?

It’s down to you, your keyboard, and your goals for your book. And somehow you have to stay on track so you can write the final sentence — hopefully on deadline — with your sanity intact.

Of course, writing a book may not be the only thing happening in your life! It certainly isn’t for Pamela Wilson.

This week, Pamela shares the method she’s using to keep the book writing process moving forward. And she invites you to join the journey by registering (for free) for The Book Factory.

The Book Factory is where she’s sharing first drafts of her chapters as they’re completed. Readers are weighing in with suggestions and asking questions that are helping to clarify the direction the book will take.

Listen in so you can hear how The Book Factory came to be and discover how you can involve your audience in your own book creation process.

In this episode Pamela Wilson discusses:

  • Pamela’s secret fear about writing her book (maybe you’re worried about the same thing?)
  • How blogging helps prepare you to write a book
  • Why Pamela initially resisted Scrivener, but finally caved (and is glad she did)
  • The odd moment that inspired the creation of The Book Factory

The Show Notes