The Curse of Specialization

My guest today is an author, creator, and entrepreneur with a great personal motto: “Life’s too short to build something nobody wants”.

He has been building web-based products for more than a decade and started building his own products as the founder of WiredReach, and their flagship product BoxCloud.

My guest is the founder and CEO of LeanStack, building tools, content, and coaching that help entrepreneurs succeed.

He is also the author of Running Lean, and the brand new book Scaling Lean.

Now, let’s hack …

Ash Maurya.

In this 39-minute episode Ash Maurya and I discuss:

  • Applying the concepts of “right action, right time” and “timeboxing”
  • The pitfalls of specialization and how Ash and his team work through them
  • Focusing on skepticism of your own ideas versus validation
  • The Lean Canvas method to developing a business model

The Show Notes