Why You Need to Do Work That Matters

My guest today is an SEO specialist, marketing consultant, connector, and digital entrepreneur.

He is the founder of ResourceFull, a weekly digital publication designed for digital entrepreneurs looking to save time and money.

My guest has spent years becoming the “Unconventional Digital Marketing Consultant”. He’s grown an e-commerce site to $1.5 million in 8 months and has managed an $80k a year online marketing budget.

He is also the host of the Sell More Podcast.

Now, let’s hack …

Brandon Lewin.

In this 36-minute episode Brandon Lewin and I discuss:

  • Truly listening to your customer’s needs, whether you are the one to help them or not
  • Brandon’s entrepreneurial roots and why he kept pushing past the challenges
  • Knowing the difference between what you’re not good at and what you don’t enjoy doing
  • Doing the necessary research when pursuing new products and what to do when these ideas seem to fail

The Show Notes