Entrepreneurship: It’s Never About the Money

Today’s guest has owned and operated American Chimney since 1981. In this time, American Chimney has successfully completed over 100,000 service calls.

Along with being hands-on in the chimney business for over 35 years, my guest has also ventured into digital business and marketing.

He is the creator of Ask the ChimneySweep, a blog and YouTube channel with over 2.2 million views, as well as Home Contractors HQ, a blog and a podcast.

Now, let’s hack …

Clay Lamb.

In this 33-minute episode Clay Lamb and I discuss:

  • Why you can’t give up, no matter what
  • Clay’s deeply personal story of loss, and how he pulled through
  • What entrepreneurship is truly about (and how this will help you)
  • The value of staying focused, orderly, and on-task

The Show Notes