The Transformation from Musician to Entrepreneur

My guest today is a 20+ year veteran of the music industry. As a musician, he published dozens of albums and sold millions of copies.

In 2006, he decided to move into the business side of the music industry as Co-founder and President of NoiseTrade, a revolutionary tribe-building platform.

NoiseTrade began as a way for my guest to promote his own music. Due to its success, he found himself helping friends and friends-of-friends do the same thing. The demand was so great that he built it into a platform.

NoiseTrade was recently acquired by PledgeMusic in a deal that is set to propel NoiseTrade forward and enable them to help more artists build their tribes.

Now, let’s hack …

Derek Webb.

In this 1-hour, 4-minute episode Derek Webb and I discuss:

  • The importance of failing and using it as a learning tool
  • The value of making a great living working with a smaller audience
  • How Derek’s move to provide free music informed his transition from musicianship to entrepreneurship
  • Leveraging the internet to create free content and make money
  • How Derek adapted to the market and built NoiseTrade into the company it is today

The Show Notes