Brian Clark on Partnerships and the Creativity of Limitations

When I originally outlined the idea for Hack The Entrepreneur, I wrote out a short list of people that I wanted to interview. I used that list as one of my metrics for success. I am happy to say that today’s guest is number two …

To me, the idea that one person could start a blog, not sell anything for 18 months, and turn that blog into an 8-figure media company is endlessly fascinating.

He is a former lawyer, serial entrepreneur, writer, builder and meditator.

In January of 2006, my guest started a one-man blog called Copyblogger. Copyblogger is now an 8-figure per year media company called Copyblogger Media, of which he is the founder and CEO.

He has ranked among the top in the world for social media and content marketing. He’s been featured in countless books about business and media, and he has graced many stages.

Now, let’s hack …

Brian Clark.

In this episode Brian Clark and I discuss:

  • How Copyblogger Media was created in a mere three hours
  • His unique vision of productivity and why it works
  • How to be wrong, and adapting in real time
  • Analysis of people, problems, and their desires
  • An important lesson on the direction of content (hint: you are looking at it)
  • Why you should focus on One Important Task each day
  • Allowing your mind to accept the fact that you can do anything


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