Hug Your Haters, with Jay Baer

Today’s guest has spent the past 20 years in digital marketing, consulting for more than 700 companies during that period, including 30 of the FORTUNE 500.

His current company – Convince & Convert – is the fifth multi-million dollar company he has started from scratch.

He is also the only guest to revisit this show and you are going to be happy that he did.

He has spent the past 13 months researching and writing his latest book that is being released today — the day this episode is published.

I had the pleasure of receiving a copy a couple months ago and I found it an excellent read on marketing. But I didn’t expect that because it is called Hug Your Haters and my guest explains it better than I would.

Now, let’s hack …

Jay Baer and his new book Hug Your Haters.

In this 35-minute episode Jay Baer and I discuss:

  • Onstage haters vs. offstage haters
  • Why customer service is the new marketing
  • The 4-step process to handling haters in your business
  • Why you should never reply more than twice

The Show Notes