Why You Should Go ‘All In’ On Your Next Project

My guest today is the self-proclaimed ‘world’s most handsome social media and content marketing strategist’, keynote speaker, and entrepreneur.

This conversation is excellent because even though my guest has accomplished many things in his business, he is still learning every single day. Like many of us, he has set enormous goals for himself and his business, and he is working every day to realize those dreams.

He is the founder and chief strategist behind True Voice Media, a company that helps businesses adapt and prosper by understanding the massive shifts in the media landscape.

He is also a sought-after public speaker, and of all the things he does, public speaking is one of his favorites.

Now, let’s hack …

Jeff Gibbard.

In this 35-minute episode Jeff Gibbard and I discuss:

  • Learn the ability to be flexible in the face of defeat
  • The value of reassessing situations as they arise
  • Adapting to the reality of becoming unemployable
  • The true value of finding a mentor

The Show Notes