A Two-Year Journey From $0 – $500k

My guest today went from unemployed, recently divorced and living with her parents, to building a half million dollar business in just two years.

After hitting rock-bottom just two years ago, she decided to not use her current position to hold her back … instead, she used it as a catalyst for change. And change she did!

She has created a brilliant personal brand, has built up a raving fan base, and coaches female digital entrepreneurs that want to blow up their businesses.

She has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, The Huffington Post, and countless other publications.

Now, let’s hack …

Jenn Scalia.

In this 41-minute episode Jenn Scalia and I discuss:

  • Being relatable and vulnerable (how it helped her business grow)
  • Being prepared and organized (having a team that helps)
  • When we do things wrong, it actually brings us closer to our purpose
  • When something doesn’t work out (It’s time for self-check)

The Show Notes