How to Decide Which Ideas to Follow (and Which to Ignore)

My guest today is an award-winning entrepreneur, best-selling author, a certified coach, marketing and branding pro, yogi, wife, and mom of three. She founded her self-named business seven years ago, after leaving a 6-figure, high-pressure job as a conference producer.

My guest launched her coaching and training business in 2008 to help and inspire women to embrace their power in business and life.

She loves guiding entrepreneurs and visionaries to embrace their gifts and find their calling. My guest’s book, Get Gutsy, is an Amazon bestseller and a sacred and fearless guide for finding our soul’s calling and living our dreams.

Now, let’s hack …

Jenny Fenig.

In this 46-minute episode Jenny Fenig and I discuss:

  • Tools you can use to capture your ideas
  • How to find the discipline to follow an idea
  • Maximizing the benefits of social media

The Show Notes