How to Stop Being Your Business (And Start Running It)

My guest today is a photographer, videographer, and a multi award-winning entrepreneur.

While still in high school, He started a small TV show focused on helping kids figure out what they wanted to do with their lives. They interviewed 150 professionals, and while the interviews contained extremely powerful advice, the production value of the show was lacking because they had no budget. This sparked an idea.

He then became the founder and CEO of VideoBlocks, the first subscription-based provider of stock video and audio, with over 100,000 customers. In 2015, VideoBlocks crossed over the $25 million annual revenue mark.

My guest, along with his rapidly growing team, has also launched and, two complementary and successful businesses.

Now, let’s hack…

Joel Holland.

In this 46-minute episode Joel Holland and I discuss:

  • Understanding both the creative and technical side of the business
  • Building a talented team of employees in order to focus on overseeing the company’s mission
  • Soliciting customer input while keeping your overall vision in mind
  • Beefing up independent teams when expanding into new products and ideas

The Show Notes