How to Learn from a Mentor

My guest today is a former professional stand-up comedian, a copywriter, consultant, and an entrepreneur.

His unique background as a nightclub comic and in-the-trenches salesperson provide a rare spectrum of experience and ability.

Today, as the founder and head of Copy Chief, my guest is one of the most in-demand sales consultants online. He works closely with high-volume information marketers, corporations and local brick and mortar businesses.

He is also the author of The 60-Second Sales Hook.

Now, let’s hack …

Kevin Rogers.

In this 44-minute episode Kevin Rogers and I discuss:

  • The real value of taking comedic chances (in business and in life)
  • How to bypass your filters and hit publish
  • Don’t try to be witty and funny (it’s ok, most of use aren’t)
  • Close all the loops and then move on

The Show Notes