Why You Need to Have an Incredible Sense of Urgency, with Michael Port

My guest today is an author, former actor, professional speaker, and entrepreneur.

My guest in currently the founder of Book Yourself Solid, and Heroic Public Speaking. Through these businesses, he has lectured, trained, inspired, and provided coaching and consulting services to over 20,000 business owners in the last two years alone.

He has written six books, including Book Yourself Solid, Steal the Show, and the New York Times Bestseller The Think Big Manifesto.

Now, let’s hack …

Michael Port.

In this 55-minute episode Michael Port and I discuss:

  • The importance of having an incredible sense of urgency
  • Becoming a force of nature
  • Hiring people with the same sense of urgency
  • Delegate, but don’t abdicate
  • You can’t be good, you can only be useful.

The Show Notes