How to Accidentally Start (then Scale) a Business

My guest today is the President of the Statements Brand, which includes Statements the Salon, Statements the Academy, Statements Photography and The Statements Project. She has been in the beauty industry 24 years and an “accidental” entrepreneur for 17 years after accidentally opening a salon at the age of 18.

She still works behind the chair with her team of 50 stylists, as well as educating, managing, and transitioning new talent into the cosmetology industry. My guest’s salon has been named Best Salon in Prince William County and Northern Virginia for over five years running and is due to break $3 million in revenue this year.

Now, let’s hack …

Nik Trowbridge.

In this 39-minute episode Nik Trowbridge and I discuss:

  • Fearlessness and preparation: They are two separate and complimentary things
  • Try to be good in self-reflection
  • Start creating a chain of command in your business
  • Micro-management is the ability to see details
  • Failure will teach how to do things differently

The Show Notes