Why You Should Set Goals That Scare You

My guest today is a traveler, soon-to-be-father, and a true lifestyle entrepreneur.

He is the founder of Clients on Demand, what he claims is the most reliable client attraction system in the world.

My guest built this business helping experts create simple, strong and repeatable marketing and sales processes that attract the perfect clients, at the perfect price, anytime they want.

Now, let’s hack …

Russ Ruffino.

In this 43-minute episode Russ Ruffino and I discuss:

  • Overcoming fear and propelling your ideas forward by treating your goals as reality
  • Why empathy is paramount when it comes to marketing and understanding the customer
  • Boosting sales by focusing on selling transformation versus information
  • Going deep, not wide: specializing in one market and building a business on only one offer

The Show Notes