How to Level Up Your Life, with Steve Kamb

My guest today is a fitness buff, nerd, writer, publisher, rebel leader, and an entrepreneur.

He is the founder of, a fitness community that helps desk jockeys improve their health and wellbeing. His mission is to show people that adventures are not just for superheroes and that improving your life is always a possibility.

He has been a guest lecturer at Google and Facebook, and is a regular speaker at Vanderbilt University.

His upcoming book has the brilliant title Level Up Your Life and provides a blueprint for turning your life into a massive video game by prioritizing adventure, growth, and happiness.

He is the ultimate proof that geeks can deadlift too.

Now let’s hack …

Steve Kamb.

In this 41-minute episode Steve Kamb and I discuss:

  • The true value of consistent persistence
  • Using his love of video games to start his business
  • Why being fit and nerdy is cool
  • The journey from playing Everquest to starting Nerd Fitness

Show Notes: