Have an Entrepreneurial Vision and Make It a Reality

My guest today got his start as an engineer, became an author, startup advisor, and entrepreneur. From 2005-2006 he was the VP of Engineering at Odeo, who built and later spun out the earliest version of Twitter.

In 2011, my guest built the best goal tracking app community the world has ever seen, when he co-founded the Lift app, and they went on to help 85,000 people start meditating.

Today, my guest is founder and CEO of Coach.me. Together with his team, they are reinventing coaching for mass consumption.

Now, let’s hack …

Tony Stubblebine.

In this 38-minute episode Tony Stubblebine and I discuss:

  • Money is only a tool, enabling you to do the things you want to do
  • The importance of building things that will have a great impact in the world
  • Training yourself to be unemployable
  • The thing that got you there is now the thing that’s holding you back

The Show Notes