Content Marketing Shout-Out: Orbit Media and Andy Crestodina

You don’t have to be a marketing company to create genuinely remarkable content. Andy Crestodina, founder of Orbit Media, gets nitty-gritty about the content strategy for his web design and development business.


Andy Crestodina and Orbit Media publish so much high-quality content that you might think they were a content marketing firm.

But they aren’t — they’re a pure web design and development shop. In this episode, Andy talks about the process he uses to craft genuinely useful and interesting content that people love to share.

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In this 25-minute episode, Sonia and Andy talk about:

  • The content “power curve” — why it’s smarter to create great content than good content
  • The management decision that made a huge impact on Andy’s content output
  • Why looking at your analytics reports isn’t enough
  • How Andy puts together the complex research posts that Orbit is known for
  • Creating content with the promotion plan in mind … before you write a single word


The Show Notes

  • Andy’s web design and development company, Orbit Media
  • Orbit’s live event in Chicago, Content Jam (August 4)
  • Andy’s keynote speaker page for Content Marketing World in Cleveland (September 6-9)
  • Andy and Sonia worked together on this post, an example of one of Andy’s mega-research posts! The Survey of 1000 Bloggers
  • Another research post from Andy, this one on Web Design Standards
  • Our live event, Digital Commerce Summit in Denver (October 13-14)
  • Follow Andy on Twitter @crestodina
  • Connect with Andy on LinkedIn