The Art of Seductive Writing: A Conversation with Robert Greene

Robert Greene is the bestselling writer of some of the most legendary nonfiction books of his generation.

The 48 Laws of Power, The 33 Strategies of War, The 50th Law (with rapper 50 Cent), and …

The Art of Seduction.

Though much of his work can be applied directly to good writing, business, and marketing online, it’s the principles of seduction that can seal the deal between you and your audience.

So grab a coffee and come on in, the water’s just fine …

In this episode Robert Greene and I discuss:

  • How to connect your readers with your words more deeply
  • The “Death Ground” strategy of getting things done
  • Why gaining attention is more important than ever
  • Is it too late? Has your “last chance” passed you by?
  • How suspenseful storytelling can create a raving audience
  • What suffering has to do with creativity
  • The simple way to become a better writer

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About the Author: Robert Bruce is Copyblogger Media’s Chief Copywriter and Resident Recluse.