Behind the Scenes: The Relaunch and Re-Imagining of

A look behind the scenes at the shiny new redesign — and the return of Copyblogger comments!


Today, Copyblogger’s Sonia Simone joins our EVP of Educational Content, Pamela Wilson, and Head of StudioPress Lauren Mancke for a peek behind the curtain at

More specifically, we’re talking about the brand-new site redesign. The new design has been a solid 9 months in the making. (And Pamela is really happy to finally get this baby delivered …)

For a business, smart design goes hand-in-hand with real-world objectives, and that’s the focus of our conversation.

In this 25-minute episode, the team talks about:

  • How the new design reflects and serves changes in the business
  • Explanations of some of the visual elements that create the new look and feel
  • The conversation behind bringing comments back to the site
  • Lauren’s thoughts on what to “steal” from the new design
  • The tension between being in community and getting work done … (Nope, we didn’t resolve it!)


The Show Notes