Email Marketing: The Misunderstood Powerhouse

Email is the conversion powerhouse for most content marketing programs — and it’s so often misunderstood.


Every month or so, this podcast will tackle a cornerstone topic for content marketers. Today, it’s email marketing.

Why is it so often misunderstood and underestimated? Partly because there’s so much incompetent and poorly executed email being sent.

In this 30-minute episode, Sonia talks about:

  • Whether or not millennials actually read email
  • The big problem with email marketing — and the time-tested solution to fix it
  • Managing unsubscribes
  • The two definitions of spam
  • How to figure out if your open rate is any good
  • Culling your email list of “unresponsive” subscribers
  • How often to make a pitch to your email list
  • Wisdom from Amber Rose on how to think about your list


The Show Notes