The Art of Enchanting Online Marketing with Guy Kawasaki

What’s the driving force behind effective online marketing?

  • Is it self-centered promotional messages?
  • Manipulation?
  • A secret hard-sell method that social media won’t reject?


So what is it?

According to bestselling author, entrepreneur, and Apple’s former Chief Evangelist Guy Kawasaki, it’s the art of enchantment, a very specific form of persuasion that results in great outcomes for you and your prospects, customers, and clients.

And it just so happens to tie in perfectly with what we’ve been talking about on Copyblogger for the last 5 years. Listen in to make the connection.

In this episode Guy Kawasaki and I discuss:

  • The simple and powerful content strategy that Guy uses every day
  • The 3 timeless keys to success online — or anywhere
  • Why you shouldn’t copy the marketing success of Apple
  • Why competition is good, and shouldn’t make you sweat one bit
  • Guy’s 4 unrivaled words for headlines that work

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