Podcasting Still Matters, with Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income

In this episode, Darrell talks with Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income about why it’s not too late to start a podcast, and why it’s one of his favorite content marketing platforms.

These days it seems like everyone has a podcast, but there are some pretty staggering stats that show podcasting is just as viable for connecting with an audience as it ever has been.

In this episode, Darrell and Pat talked about:

  • How Pat got his start in podcasting, and why
  • Why its not too late to start a podcast
  • The reason you don’t need to break the bank or get in the weeds launching your show
  • Why podcast production gets easier by the minute
  • The power of storytelling and teaching in content production
  • How Pat’s podcast strategy has changed over the years and the 20% rule he uses
  • An examination of Super Fans and their importance for your business
  • And a defense of self-publishing

The Show Notes