Behind the Scenes: An Inside Look at the Rainmaker FM Redesign

A behind-the-scenes look at the brand-new Rainmaker.FM redesign.


We always like to let you look behind the curtain at what we do, so you can see our approach to business, teamwork, design, and content.

This week’s episode is a team conversation. Chief Content Officer Sonia Simone leads a discussion about the hows, whats, and whys of our recent site redesign for the Rainmaker.FM podcast network. Our VP of RainmakerFM Robert Bruce gives us some background and business context, then Lead Designer Rafal Tomal dives into the details.

In this 31-minute episode, we talk about:

  • The questions and conversations that underlie a good site design (or redesign)
  • Taking web design beyond “just the skin” decorative work
  • Suggestions for how website owners can work more productively with designers
  • Cultivating a healthy obsession with user experience
  • Rafal’s three critical components of design philosophy
  • The features and improvements you can watch for in the new version of Rainmaker.FM!


The Show Notes

  • Our business and marketing podcast network, Rainmaker.FM
  • Pamela Wilson’s Copyblogger post on Design Thinking
  • Hotjar, a usability testing platform suggested by Rafal in the podcast
  •, another user experience resource that Rafal recommends
  • Get more insights from the elusive Robert Bruce at his podcast, Allegorical
  • You can also catch some of Robert’s ephemeral and ultra-minimalist short stories on Twitter @robertbruce
  • Rafal’s website has more thoughts on design and user experience:
  • Connect with Rafal on twitter @rafaltomal
  • Ask me a question or follow me on Twitter @soniasimone!