A Simple Content Strategy to Make Your Site Massively More Useful

Here’s a simple way to make the best use of your time when you’re creating new content, improve your SEO, and create a great user experience on your website.

Whether you’ve created content pillars already, or you’re just starting out, here’s how to structure your site with strong “cornerstones” so you do an amazing job conveying your message.

In this 22-minute episode, I talk about:

  • The creation (and timing) of “conscious cornerstones” that answer your most important audience questions
  • Where to find your “mystery hit” content, and what to do with it
  • What to do about content you just aren’t proud of any more
  • What to do with content that’s popular, but not particularly relevant to your goals for your site
  • A new workshop we’re creating for beginning and intermediate content marketers

The Show Notes

  • If you’re ready to see for yourself why more than 201,344 website owners trust StudioPress — the industry standard for premium WordPress themes and plugins — swing by StudioPress.com for all the details.
  • To find out when we open the new Creative Content Foundations course, just add yourself to the interest list here
  • Here’s Brian Clark’s classic (cornerstone!) Copyblogger post explaining how to create cornerstone content
  • If Google Analytics makes you nervous, check out this podcast episode of The Digital Entrepreneur: What every online marketer must know about Google Analytics
  • My Copyblogger post on having a point … and getting to it with your content
  • If you’re fuzzy on copywriting calls to action, this Copyblogger post will help
  • An example of a cornerstone post added later in the game: I asked Pamela Wilson to write this post about scannable content for us, so we’d have a great resource to link to when we discussed the concept
  • Feel free to say hi or ask a question over on LinkedIn @soniasimone — or I always enjoy hearing from you right here in the comments 🙂