The Tactic You Should Steal from Copyblogger

Traditional success advice points you to role models. If you want a seven- or eight-figure business, look for one and then copy how they got there. Sometimes that’s a smart move … and sometimes it isn’t.


Today Sonia and Pamela are talking about what you should steal from the Copyblogger/Rainmaker Digital business model … and what you might not want to.

We talk about some of the ways we’ve been copied in the past, and one significant practice that not enough people are stealing from our model.

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In this 30-minute episode, Sonia and Pamela talk about:

  • Sonia’s “Bjork Rule” of fashion, business, and life
  • Why business is more like Lego than Ikea
  • Sifting through success advice and role models to find what works for you
  • How to try new things in your business without taking crazy risks
  • The mindset that will help you make better decisions


The Show Notes

This week we have lots of resources for you with ideas on experiments you can try in your own organization.