How to Move Your Audience From Infatuation to Love

If you want to build a meaningful long-term relationship with your audience, you have to show up reliably over time. In this third part of our four-part series, we explain the simple, profound impact of showing up when you say you will, over and over again.


Two episodes ago, we discussed the importance of authenticity. Last episode we discussed why usefulness is an essential element of every piece of content you publish.

In this episode, we build on those two episodes and explain what happens when you show up consistently ready to connect in an authentic way with your audience through the useful you have to share.

In this 30-minute episode you’ll discover:

  • Why some people are critical of Jerod’s idea of “show up reliably over time”
  • The similarities between building a relationship with a significant other and building a relationship with your audience
  • The positive impact that consistently showing up can have on the quality of your content
  • What Demian has learned about the importance of showing up through the varied experiences of a daily, short-form podcast and writing regular, long-form content
  • Why the next iteration of The Lede may be a show about relationship advice … (or Demian’s wife and Jerod’s fiancee taking over as hosts)