Talking Community and Digital Business with Tara Gentile

A business community for the new economy

I had a lot of fun talking with Tara Gentile about her new community for digital business owners. In our 28-minute conversation, we talked about:

  • How Tara engineered a community that got past the bias for whining
  • The difference between selling education and delivering educational experiences
  • Why we all need more people on our “safe space” team
  • Why Tara’s community never had a Facebook presence
  • The surprising difficulty convincing people to try a free trial
  • A resource Tara has coming up on handling money

Disclosures: Tara was nice enough to give me a comp into the site so I could check it out for you guys. We have no other financial or affiliate relationship with CoCommercial.

Note: We apologize for some audio issues on the interview recording.

The Show Notes