‘Good Karma’ Selling that Works: A Conversation with Tim Paige

Tim Paige is that rarest of creatures: A really good salesperson who understands the people who aren’t (yet).

This week, I was pleased to be able to interview “webinar gun for hire” Tim Paige, to talk about how “normal people” can learn to be genuinely effective at selling.

Important Note: We’ve updated the date on the webinar! Tim will be hosting a free workshop with us on ethical, effective selling on Tuesday, June 26 (new date) at 12:00 Noon Eastern U.S. Time.

You can get details on that here.

In this 27-minute episode, Tim and I talk about:

  • Advice for anyone whose lack of selling ability is holding them back from their goals
  • How Tim “turned the script on its head” and became a weirdly successful vacuum-cleaner salesman
  • Some traditional selling advice you can safely ignore
  • Why “good karma” selling can actually work better these days than the high-pressure kind

The Show Notes