How to Engage With Your Customers on LinkedIn Like a Pro

Dylan Jones is back and you’re going to love what he’s sharing on this episode of The Missing Link! You’ll discover why collaborative content is key for any business on LinkedIn, as well as understanding your Hub and Spoke strategy, your “PVP”, and how to get started right the first time!

Dylan is one of our consistently helpful Missing Link LinkedIn group members who shares answers to questions in our group, making sure you stay solid with your LinkedIn strategy.

His solid success with LinkedIn and the Rainmaker Platform can show you how he drives traffic to his site while actively engaging with his audience that solidifies his successful connection with them.

You’ll learn how engaging with your customers helps them to know, like, and trust you for lasting business relationships that are valuable for everyone.

In this episode, Dylan Jones dives into getting your business started right on LinkedIn! You won’t want to miss his explanation of the Hub and Spoke strategy for your customers, what your “PVP” can be, and why it’s so important to focus your efforts there, and so much more. Get ready to take notes and listen in a second time, this show is worth it!

  • Why you must “get clear” first for your focus
  • What a “PVP” is why it’s so important
  • How to become memorable to your audience
  • How to determine the pain that you are fixing for your customers
  • How 100 profiles can help your business
  • The trifecta of jobs, pains, and gains
  • Why measuring your traffic is so critical
  • Why we need to continue to “Keep Doing What’s Working!”
  • The Show Notes