How To Leverage LinkedIn for Better Conferences, Events, and IRL Meetings

Jabez LeBret and Mica Gadhia teach you pre, during, and post-conference tactics on how to leverage LinkedIn to optimize your face-to-face events.

You go to a conference, meet hundreds of new people, and want to connect with each of them because that’s what you’re there for … but how?

Jabez LeBret, a serial conference goer and speaker, shares his best conference tips and tactics so you can connect with everyone you meet at the conference in a meaningful way for you.

In this connective episode, Mica Gadhia and Jabez LeBret teach you what to do before the conference, how to handle your face to face meetings using LinkedIn, and the best follow-up techniques to help you remember and connect after your settled back home …

  • 4 types of people you want to surround yourself with
  • Pre-show tasks to connect before the conference
  • How to use the mobile app during the conference
  • Follow-up techniques to keep your connections engaged
  • Conference tips you’ll come to depend on
  • Much, much more

The Show Notes