How to Identify, Build, and Maintain Strategic Connections on LinkedIn

Join us as Liam Austin walks you through several proven methods to connect with strategic partners on LinkedIn like you mean it.

With the second largest small business group on LinkedIn with over 100,000 members, Liam Austin knows what he’s doing.

His personable style makes it easy for you to learn and understand how to connect with someone you’ve not had contact with before. You’ll find out the benefits of groups on LinkedIn as well as some tips and tactics you can implement immediately to boost the power of your group (or why you can start your own).

He stresses the importance of your group name and keywords and why you need to get them right the first time. You’ll understand how to create solid, lasting, and beneficial connections on LinkedIn.

As you listen to Liam Austin, you’ll understand …

  • Why you need to get your keywords right the first time
  • How to grow your LinkedIn group
  • Two LinkedIn opt-in tricks you’ll want to use now
  • The most valuable part of LinkedIn groups
  • How to get higher level referrals
  • That adding value is always key

The Show Notes