Everything You Need to Know About LinkedIn Company Pages

The LinkedIn Expert Viveka Von Rosen shares why you need to have a Company Page on LinkedIn. It’s easier (and more important) than you think.

You’ll love this episode with Viveka Von Rosen leading the way to share all you need to know to get Company Pages working for you. You’ll learn how a small time investment can create a more polished business presence, which leads to meaningful connections and solid business leads.

Viveka shares time-saving tips, organizations hacks, and invaluable information in getting your LinkedIn presence working for your ultimate LinkedIn success.

She is truly a LinkedIn expert and you’ll come away more successful on LinkedIn just by listening.

Bonus: You’ll also learn to understand the benefits of LinkedIn Showcase/Spotlight Pages. These hidden gems have benefits and business plan success woven into them if you use them the right way. Viveka tells you how.

In this lively episode Viveka shares …

  • Why you should fool with Company Pages in the first place
  • The benefit of Company Pages related to Google searches
  • What Showcase/Spotlight Pages are
  • How LinkedIn analytics can work for you
  • Quick organization tips to make updating LinkedIn easier
  • How the 80/20 rule works on LinkedIn
  • Proven tactics for getting your audience to your Company Page
  • …and as a bonus, see how many times Sean mispronounces Vivaka name on air


The Show Notes