8 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Shine

Learn how to set up your LinkedIn profile so you can reach your best customers and the search engines will find you easily!

Karen Yankovich, a LinkedIn evangelist, shares some amazing LinkedIn profile tips!

What title should you use? Do the words in your summary make a difference? How can you optimize your experiences, activities and hobbies?

In this episode, Karen Yankovich takes you through these tips (and more) for creating a stronger LinkedIn profile. This is a must-listen to podcast to get you found faster by the right people. Listen in to discover …

  • How to create a “client facing” profile
  • How you can get further reach with your summary language
  • Why you need to be consistent across all of your social channels
  • Why it’s so important to claim your expertise
  • The pros and cons of first person vs third person
  • How to get great search results
  • The importance of creating an easy to read summary
  • How to optimize the rest of your profile (focus on experience)

The Show Notes