Why LinkedIn and the Rainmaker Platform Make a Perfect Match

Dylan Jones shares real life success tips and tactics to increase quality LinkedIn connections (plus so much more)! Oh, did we mention he uses the Rainmaker Platform with incredible success in conjunction with LinkedIn?

Mica and I welcome Dylan Jones, one of our very helpful Missing Link LinkedIn group members, to share about his solid success with LinkedIn and how he drives traffic to his site that’s built on the Rainmaker Platform. No, we did not pay him with cash, chocolates, or even booze to share how the Rainmaker Platform is working so well for him now.

Dylan will teach you what a content catalyst is and why LinkedIn is a crowdsourcing paradise. He shares two tips and tricks for searching for the perfect connection that we loved learning.

But what I am most excited to share through this interview with Dylan is his success with the Rainmaker Platform combined with LinkedIn. I barely know what to do with myself as Dylan shares specific features of Rainmaker that appeals to the B2B LinkedIn audience and how he uses LinkedIn to gather speakers, customers, and allies alike.

In this inspiring episode you’ll learn …

  • Creative ways to search for your best connections
  • Two cool LinkedIn tips you can use right now
  • What a content catalyst is and how they can help you
  • Why Dylan moved from Squarespace to the Rainmaker Platform
  • What to do when you find the perfect customer avatar
  • Why LinkedIn is a crowd sourcing paradise


The Show Notes