LinkedIn’s Senior Manager of Content Marketing Tells All

You asked and we delivered! The Missing Link presents to you Sean Callahan, LinkedIn’s Senior Manager of Content Marketing …

Sean joins us to give away his secrets to great writing, the best type of articles and content to share on Pulse, and much more wisdom you’ll be able to use today.

This is one of our best shows yet, don’t miss it!

In this episode, Sean Callahan takes you through his twenty-year writing career, the importance of data for creating your content strategy, and the types of articles that perform best on the Pulse network. You’ll learn about double bylines, company page and showcase page strategies and benefits, the reason you need to keep providing valuable content for your audience, and much more.

Listen in to find out …

  • 2 proven methods to writing a solid article
  • How important data is for your content
  • What Sean did to become a great writer
  • Insider tips about the Official LinkedIn Blog
  • How to handle multiple authors on Pulse
  • How Company Pages can benefit your LinkedIn strategy

The Show Notes