How to Effectively Use LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

AJ Wilcox, one of our superstar Missing Link LinkedIn group members (and a LinkedIn ads expert), dazzles us with a case study you’ll want to emulate for getting the most out of Sponsored Updates on LinkedIn.

Get this, AJ took his target goal from 600,000 prospects all the way to 2.1 million in just a few steps.

And, if you don’t think you need to follow through on your analytics research for your ad campaigns, AJ shares why you need to look at the entire sales funnel. The benefit and cost savings for your ad campaigns and their effectiveness will make you a believer.

In this 30-minute jam-packed episode, AJ Wilcox shares amazing statistics, tips, tools, and information that Mica and I know you’ll want to use. Join us as AJ shows you how to take your targeted campaign further than you thought possible. And it’s not the way you might have expected. You’ll learn …

  • Why you don’t want to always use job titles to build your audience
  • The importance of native advertising using Sponsored Updates
  • Why optimizing your site for mobile is imperative
  • Helpful information about adblocking
  • How AJ Wilcox can help you if you need it

The Show Notes