LinkedIn and Vendors: Everything You Need to Know

Jabez LeBret and Mica Gadhia explore how to understand the role of vendors on LinkedIn and how you can make it work for you and your business.

Maybe you need a graphic designer, a virtual assistant, or a supplier for your office. How do you choose who’s right for you?

On the flip side, how do you get chosen to do the work you want to do for business owners who need your help?

Join us this week on The Missing Link to learn different methods for finding your perfect vendor. You’ll learn how to narrow down your search criteria for finding your perfect vendor on LinkedIn and how to reach out to your network for finding a vendor who will suit your needs.

In this episode, you’ll find out …

  • Different search techniques to find your perfect vendor
  • Proven tactics for getting your emails read
  • How your current network can help you
  • What not to do when reaching out to prospective clients
  • The 220 rule for engagement
  • Search criteria you can use to narrow your search
  • How (and why) you need to stay active
  • Much, much more …

The Show Notes