What the Porn Industry Can Teach Us About Running a Membership Site

This episode is an insightful look at how to thrive in a hyper-competitive online environment, with lessons from an unconventional industry …

Running a membership site can be difficult, especially if you are in a highly-competitive space. And this appears to be especially true in online porn.

What once was a highly lucrative business category has completely transformed into a low margin business with numerous competitors. But even in this highly competitive space, there are tactics that some sites uses to grow and thrive.

So how do they do it?

Jessica Frick and I take an analytical approach to the challenges faced in this space and apply those learnings to more traditional membership sites.

Don’t worry, we won’t be making any commentary on the content of the industry. Instead we focus on taking their ethical marketing tactics and applying them to your site to help you thrive, while everyone else is taking a dive.

In this episode, Jessica Frick and I tastefully cover …

  • Why, and how to syndicate content online
  • Why more intimate online activities should come at a premium
  • Why you should not be afraid of extreme niches for your audience
  • And a few double entendre that will make you laugh

The Show Notes