How to Use Your Limitations to Create a Unique Selling Proposition

We often think of limitations as a weakness. In reality, they are strengths that will help differentiate your products/services in the market.

How do you target the right customer? Who are they and how do you attract them? Every marketer struggles with these questions. But the key to targeting the right customer is in understanding the limits of you and your products/services.

Every product or services has its limits. And while most people think these are a weakness, the truth is that your limitations are a source of strength; if you know how to position them.

And by following the advice in this episode, you can easily assess those limitations and use them as part of what makes your product or service unique.

More importantly, you can use that unique quality to define who you should target.

In this episode, Sean Jackson and Jessica Frick go into detail about the “formula” for finding your target audience:

  • Why resource constraints are great to have
  • Why defining the ideal customer for your product is more about you than them
  • How your limits are actually strengths that will draw customers to you
  • And why being one-in-a-million is a huge marketplace

The Show Notes