How to Enhance Your Membership Site With Live Events

Live events are a great way to amplify your authority and enhance your membership site, if you know the right way to do it.

Membership sites are about community; creating an online environment for those that share similar interests and passions.

But for all their strengths, there exists a layer of abstraction that lacks the personal and emotional engagement found from being in physical proximity to each other.

Live events allow you to extend your authority within your community, while providing a unique platform to fundamentally help your members enrich their lives.

That is … if you know how to do live events right.

In this episode, Jessica Frick shares her knowledge and insight on creating live events for membership communities …

  • Why live events are extremely helpful in building your community
  • How to start small and build an event with momentum
  • Ways to finance your event without breaking the bank
  • And the single most important ingredient to a successful event

The Show Notes