Why Passion Matters More Than Skill When Launching a Membership Site

Charity Preston – a teacher turned teacherprenuer – shares her incredible journey to creating an online membership network for teachers.

Imagine you have a sick child at home that demands 100% of your time and attention. And these demands require you to give up your professional career.

What would you do?

Today’s guest faced that exact situation – a classroom teacher at the pinnacle of her career that resigned in the middle of the academic year to care for her child.

But she was not content to give up her passion for helping others. So she made the leap from teacher to online teacherprenuer; with no technical training or online marketing expertise, armed only with a passion to help others.

In this 24 minute episode, Jessica Frick and I interview Charity Preston and discuss her journey from academic to online entrepreneur, including:

  • The personal event in 2010 that changed her life
  • Her haphazard online attempts that turned into a huge lead magnet
  • How she created multiple income streams in a cyclical sales environment
  • And the next frontier that she is exploring in community driven membership sites

The Show Notes