How to Start and Grow a Successful Membership Site (In Your Spare Time)

Jerod Morris joins us to share his story – and tactics – for growing a successful sports membership site.

Starting a membership site is hard work, especially if you have a full-time job. But with persistence and patience, it can pay off.

Our guest, Jerod Morris, shares his tactics and advice for growing a membership site. It was not easy – especially since his membership site competes with numerous online sport sites.

But he found his niche and kept working it, season after season, finding success after many years of perseverance.

And while his story is not unique, the ideas and tactics he shares on this show are priceless and can truly help you grow, and profit, from your work.

In this episode, Jessica Frick and I interview Jerod Morris and delve into the history of his site, including:

  • Why he stayed with the project even when his audience was small
  • The unique insight that helped distinguish his site from the competition
  • The ONE tactic he recommends everyone starting a membership site should use
  • And the different revenue paths he pursues to grow his profit

The Show Notes