Getting to Freedom and Business Clarity: A Conversation with Sonia Thompson

Content strategist Sonia Thompson talks with me today about business clarity and the power (and pitfalls) of limitless opportunities.

Whether I’m podcasting, tweeting, or writing a post for Copyblogger, I talk a lot about the combination of values and tactics. Financial success won’t make you feel amazing until you can create it while living on your own terms.

In this 21-minute episode, the two Sonias talk about:

  • The quality you absolutely must have if you want a successful business
  • Some of the many ways content works to strengthen a business
  • The first thing to do when you’re feeling “stuck” (with work, business, or life)
  • Why business opens limitless potential — and what the dangerous side of that can be
  • A new (free) resource SoniaT has for entrepreneurs

The Show Notes