The 10/20/10 Rule for Creating Web Content That Converts

We’re studying a framework for creating content that helps your customer convert from a prospect into a sale (particularly on your website). And a NEW show segment …

Today we’re talking content and numbers. Specifically we’re going to break down the 10/20/10 rule for creating web content that converts.

It’s a simple set of numbers to keep you on track when you’re planning, writing and publishing content for your business website.

Are you ready to deliver a streamlined web content experience to turn looks into leads? Let’s Hit Publish …

Tune in to find out

  • Why your website can’t be a marketplace of brilliant (but messy) goods
  • How to make sure your content: gets attention, keeps attention and converts interest into desire
  • How business owner Rachael Handley from Bridea structures her website content to maximise sales for her bridal boxes

The Show Notes