How to Use ‘Butterfly Moments’ in Your Content to Captivate Customers

How do you write about what you do so that it: a) sells the value of what you do, b) doesn’t sound over the top, and c) doesn’t sound like everyone else? Introducing the 4-Step copywriting technique known as: ‘Butterfly Moments’ …

Writing powerful, evocative and compelling copy doesn’t have to be an elusive skill known only to a select few.

When it comes to creating content that describes what you do that makes your customer say “tell me more!” you can get there in just a few simple steps.

One of the techniques I use to teach people how to do this something I call “Butterfly Moments.”

You create a list of moments that illustrates how your product has changed your customer’s life for the better. What’s more, you can get there by combining 4 key elements to create a vivid image that doesn’t sound over-the-top.

It’s a great technique for writing distinct, noticeable copy that lets you and your product shine.

Tune in to find out

  • Why a BIG fear of business owners is writing copy that sounds too ‘salesy’ (but the big challenge is that most people actually sell themselves short in their copy!)
  • The 4 key elements that create a powerful Butterfly Moment
  • How to identify these 4 elements for your customer and use it in when writing content

The Show Notes